Innovative Products for Brazing and Soldering

A young enterprise with cultivated traditional roots

In spring 1998 FIRINIT GmbH took over the fields of business activities of the Metallo-chemische Fabrik Dr. L. Rostosky KG. The products world-wide known under the trade mark "FIRINIT" have given their name to this new company.
FIRINIT feels obliged to continue the cultivated traditions of its predecessor and guarantees:

      the production of proven products of highest quality
      continued development of our product line in accordance with
     technological requirements
      to maintain close contacts with our customers in order to develop
     customer specific solutions

A highly motivated staff and a great experience in the fields of brazing and welding allow us to provide innovative processes and products.

FIRINIT offers its customers innovative products for brazing and soldering

       Technical brazing consultation regarding employment of
      processes and products
       Development of special products for the brazing technology
       Production and sale of fluxes, solders and fluxing devices and installations.

Individual consultation, high quality products

Center of our work and concentration are our customers with their various assignments for us, tasks and needs. Together with them we work out solutions, develop and test quality products and processes.

It is the quality which, hereby, plays a most decisive role. By introducing the Quality Management System acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001 all preconditions are being fulfilled to guarantee from our side customer consultation and product quality of highest level.